1st Search for your business and then click the "Claim Your Business" button. If your business is not there then click on "Add your Business"

2nd Fill Out the quick Signup Information.

3rd Choose a Ad Search Package and Pay.

Every time someone in your business location searches for a business like yours then your business will be showcased as a Recommended Business along with your 140 character texted Promo. (Promo text can be changed as often as you like).

Our Analytics System keeps track of your Searches, Leads and Customers. (This information will be displayed on your Business Profile Page)

PPC Marketing vs PPS Marketing

PPS Marketing (Pay Per Search)

Pay Per Search System is the absolute best marketing option: Because when someone is searching for a business like yours they're at their closest to shopping your business and only through the JustGoLive.net Search Engine powered by Google, customers not only can see your business but they see your instant deals. (Business owner can change Instant deal when ever they like).

Average price for PPS 25cents per search

PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a Pay Per Click System, here’s how it works, someone see an ad that is interesting and they then click on it, you then get charged. Now although customers find your ad to be interesting does not mean they are ready to shop your business.

Average Price for PPC $1 or more per click

Try it out for only $10 for 100 searches